What is Hack The Creative?

Hack The Creative  is a show which reveals the fears, habits, and inner-battles behind big name creatives and those on the path to success. Hack TheCreative is released once a week.

On Hack the Creative we know that everyone is unique and has to find their own path to success, but after speaking to creatives every day as part of my own successful business I became obsessed with the idea of finding the ‘replicable’ things behind leading names and people on their way up to try to find patterns.

Not so you can copy them exactly, but instead absorb it into what you do, so you can make your own success and one day help others ‘Hack the Creative’ too.

How do you ‘Hack’ creative?

‘Creative hacking’ can be any method be that a trick, a shortcut, or skill that allows you to get known in commercial photography world and “break in.”

I interview photographers about how they broke in. Art directors about what they look for in photographers. Producers and business people about working directly with photographers and directors.

Simply put, my goal with every episode is to get you HACKS you can use in your creative businesses that directly impact your own “break in.”

Hack the Creative host – Clarke Scott


Clarke Scott is a director and commercial photographer who draws on his years of philosophical education and contemplative practice to tell stories of human potential. With a keen sense for the profound and an honesty of spirit Clarke’s projects often reflect his own concerns for a life well lived.

Clarke is available for commissioned commercial work here — ClarkeScott.org and Wedding Photography here